Friday, April 13, 2007

Simple, Organic, Baby, Until Kara

Simple, Soft, Organic . . . Until Kara.
We are always looking for luxurious unique baby gifts with a California flavor, and were very excited to discover a local company, just 15 minutes down Pacific Coast Highway from us, in Sunset Beach, California. Featured in June's issue of Pregancy, Until Kara specializes in the natural nursery.

Utilizing Until Kara's owner Michele Savin's talents, we offer organic baby gifts at our online store  Elegant and thoughtful unique baby gifts for eco-conscious parents. Luxuriously soft organic burp clothes, with the feel of soft flannel. We added Until Kara's natural wooden rattle, made from one piece of solid maple, in Vermont.

Until Kara Spotlight
In 2001, Michele Savin, owner of Until Kara, learned that her precious newborn was sensitive to many of the chemicals we are all exposed to everyday. It was then that she discovered organics and created a nurturing natural nursery for him. She soon realized that organic cotton doesn’t only compliment the natural lifestyle but is luxurious. In August 2006, Michele felt the need to share her findings with others, and decided that it was time to start her own company, Until Kara. Signature lines include organic cotton / wool crib mattresses, wool crib pads, limited edition organic cotton blankets, bedding and burp cloths. To learn more about their natural nursery products, visit

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