Thursday, March 30, 2006

Nostalgic in California

When shopping for my children's boutique, Recurrent Dreams, I always seem to revert back to my mother's instinct. Once I decided on our spring look, "Nostalgic Beach Living", the rest seemed to fall in place. Let me share with you, my mother's instinct criteria:

Comfort: too many times my children have complained that the beautiful dress I had bought them was too itchy & confining!

Emotion: call me sentimental, but it makes my heart sing to see my children dressed for Easter.

Quality, Uniqueness and Price: I would rather pay a little bit more, and have something that does not fall apart after the 3rd washing, however there is a limit on how much I will pay.

This spring, I was blessed to find all my criteria met from small California companies, such us Kumquat, Nobody's Business, Reflectionz, and Barefoot Dreams (although they are not so small since Oprah discovered them!). I invite you to post, your Mother's Instinct list too.

Visit our spring collections on-line at:

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Cakes Made with Love

I first met Sylvia about 6 years ago, at work (pre Recurrent Dreams). Soon we became friends, and I came to know her as a very spiritual positive person. One day she brought a wonderful cake in for a co-worker's birthday. Much to my admiration, she told me that she had baked it herself. As a hobby, she had been taking cake decorating classes, and she loved it!

Well her love for baking developed into a passion, and shortly after she was making cakes for her family & friends, and their family & friends . . . & naturally for all our fairy events and birthday parties at Recurrent Dreams. If you ask Sylvia what makes her cakes so incredible, she simply says "They're made with Love".

Well, she is going to take a leap in faith, and open her own storefront in Downey, California! The name of her shop will be "Made with Love". She will continue baking & decorating cakes (& delivering them too), but will also be teaching classes and selling baking supplies, so you can create your own edible masterpiece! I wish her well, as she builds her dreams.

To contact "Made with Love', you can email Sylvia at