Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Trend Setting Baby Styles for Twenty Ten, Does it Itch?

If fashion mimics our culture, what does the dawn of a new decade bring? From scouring the designer showrooms in trendy Los Angeles, to talking with our on-line customers across America, we made some interesting parallels.

Parents have a new found social awareness, and are optimistic for what the future holds for their children. They continue to want the "best" for their baby, but what's changing is what they consider "best".

The new "best" is unique baby clothes that are free-trade, sweat shop free, preferably made in the USA, Canada, Great Britain, Europe or Australia. And "best" is even better, if it's eco-friendly, made from sustainable fabrics, organics and bamboo. Long gone are the drab scratchy organic wools of yesteryear. The new generation fabrics are full of color and are luxuriously soft for baby's delicate skin.

Styles are preciously classic yet relaxed as we emerge from recession. Warm pinks and sky blues are modern again with argyle and kimono side ties. Colorful whimsy prints are seen on traditional baby rompers. Think orange owls, rich chocolate trims, turquoise guitars and animal prints: Little girl dresses take their inspiration from the storybooks of renaissance princesses and a midsummer's night dream. Celebrity favorites are California designers Luna Luna Copenhagen, Mad Sky Kids and Toni Tierney Designs. Miraculously, they have managed to keep their prices at bay, while maintaining high quality and excellent work conditions for their sewers.

Will the twenty tens be as fashion iconic as were the 60's and 70's? Then again, when all is said and done, every generation laughs at the old fashions and follows the new; and babies base most of their fashion taste on what doesn't itch!

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