Saturday, January 05, 2008

January's Pick: Quick Change Crib

We love discovering unique new products at Recurrent Dreams Baby, and were very excited to find the Quick Change Crib by Innovative Crib Designs. Making it our favorite pick for January!

All parents know the challenge of changing crib sheets. Well, the Quick Change Crib has a side panel door that swings out, allowing parents to slide the mattress through the side to change the sheet instead of having to lift it out of the crib. Changing sheets can be done in under a minute!

The inspiration for this innovative crib design came from co-creator Mary Anne Amato after changing her baby's crib sheets at 2:00 am. "There has to be an easier and less strenuous way to do this, a crib should not be more difficult to change than a baby!" And so her journey began, from conception to prototype, to focus groups, safety testing, patents, to manufacturing, and at last selling. Thank you Mary Anne, for making parents' lives a little easier!

Made of quality durable birch, this beautiful crib is available in 5 finishes, including white, black, honey, cinnamon and french vanilla. JPMA safety certified and winner of the iParenting Media Award, Most Outstanding Product of 2007! Reasonably priced at $349 plus shipping.

Visit their website at, for more information, including a great demonstration video, and to purchase.